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Maine Coon Breed

  • Maine Coons are a natural breed.  They are very attractive, sociable and active cats.  They enjoy hanging out with their family and “help out” wherever they can and are allowed to, but are not overly dependent or clingy.  They are a large, but gentle breed with often a clown-like personality.  Many enjoy playing fetch and learning tricks, going for harness-and-leash walks or even hikes and camping with their owners. Many, but not all also enjoy water. They usually get along great with everyone, including kids, dogs and other cats.

  • They are a slow maturing breed and stay kitten-like and goofy for most of their lives.  Maine Coons don’t reach their full size until about 3-5 years old. 

  • Our Maine Coon Cats have only European blood lines. The difference between a European Maine Coon and an American Maine Coon can be noticed in their physical appearance. European Maine Coons have stronger muzzles and chins, as well as taller ears with lynx-like tips. They also have a more wild appearance, while American Maine Coons have a softer, more refined look. European Maine Coons also have extra-long and bushy tails, high cheekbones, and big, square muzzles accompanied by their piercing, almond-shaped eyes. There are some exceptional breeders in both Canada and the USA but be sure to do some checking on your Breeders. 

  • We are so grateful for these incredible cats sharing and enriching our lives. Breeding Maine Coons is a passion for us and we spend a lot of time and money to make sure that everything goes well.  Our cats are regularly examined by our veterinarian.  We also conduct regular echocardiograms for HCM and PKD, and also OFA hip x-rays for HD on all our breeding cats. Breeding Maine Coons requires a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. 

  • Before contacting our Cattery, we hope you have done some research on the Maine Coon breed and you are aware of the cats needs and lifestyle. Any reputable breeder will be more than happy to answer your questions and enquiries.

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