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About British Shorthair breed


The round face, those chubby cheeks, that loving personality, just a few of the many things that make a British Shorthair special. British Shorthairs come in a wide range of stunning colors that are absolutely eye catching.

The British Shorthair grows to be a bigger cat, super chubby looking and thick. That chunky look is what makes them stand out so much and make you want to play with them all the time. Their short hair makes them look so radiant when they walk by and only enhances that round look. They tend to have a life expectancy of up to 15 years on average.

British Shorthairs are very relaxed, easy going cats. They love to just sit near you and sleep. They tend to be less destructive in the house and really great and patient with children as they are affectionate and smart cats. However they do not like to be carried, but they will keep following you around the house just to be next to you. British Shorthairs also get along great with other animals like dogs and birds. Since the breed is so relaxed, you don't have to worry about leaving them at home alone all day, they will just sleep and wont mind sitting there until you come back. They are very easy cats to take care of, requiring low levels of exercise, low levels of grooming and a live a healthy life.

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